2nd Izmir GastroFest 2019: ‘Marketplaces’

The 1st gastronomy festival of Izmir, Izmir GastroFest held on Oct 21st, 2018, aimed to feature and brand Izmir with its strong gastronomy and to make it a top tour- ism destination; hosted world-famous chefs and names from the gastronomy world. The festival with theme of “Migration” received great interest and made an overwhelming impression beyond our expectations welcoming more than 700 food lovers.

We are delighted to announce that the 2nd Izmir GastroFest will be taking place this year with the theme of “Marketplaces”

Why “Marketplaces?”

In some parts of the world people are deprived from basic, staple food necessary to maintain their lives whereas in other parts they struggle with obesity. Fortunately, it is now acknowledged that we are passing through an era where it is of upmost importance to use all resources cautiously. We are in need of conscious production and consumption. Sustainable agriculture, shorter supply chains together with local, seasonal and nature conscious production are imperative factors…

Marketplaces gain importance as a space to discover and develop awareness of these factors where consumer and producer have direct contact and uninterrupted communication.

The abundant diversity of colors, shapes, sounds, scents and tastes are endless. The richness of the seasons and ecological balance of nature bring hope and joy.
The Marketplaces show up as platforms encouraged by mutual interac- tion of sustainable agriculture.
İn the Aegean Region, the meaning and purpose of Marketplaces go way beyond an ordinary shopping act. Izmir together with its famous hinterland markets of Tire,
Alacati, Urla, Seferihisar have a unigue place in this tradition due to the richness of their cultural and product ranges…. The great Markets of the world, The Magnificent Seven will come together with the markets of the Aegean Region to create innovative thinking, share knowledge on a global scale, celebrate nature and leave us all with an unforgettable experience…
Join the Feast for the Senses at İzmir GastroFest…


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