Festival Theme

“Heritage to the Future II: H2o
Our Fresh Salt Water Resources”

Growing stronger every year, İzmir GastroFest brings together the famous names of the gastronomy world from Turkey and abroad in its fourth year.

İzmir’s first gastronomic festival, ‘İzmir GastroFest’, was held on October 21, 2018 with the theme of ‘Migration’ in order to introduce the region with its cuisine and to make it a brand city that stands out with its gastronomic values.

The theme of the Festival, which took place for the second time on October 20, 2019, was determined as “Sundays”. Historical Alsancak Train Station has turned into a marketplace. It was remembered that we live in a time when we need to make conscious production and consumption.

Last year’s theme was “Food and Communication”.

As the Izmir GastroFest team, we have determined the theme as “Food and Communication”, as we think that the way of communication in every field in our age is through food and that it is the greatest communication tool between disciplines, between people and between countries. However, due to the pandemic conditions, we held our festival online.

Last year’s theme was Legacy for the Future: The Living Land. Despite the serious damage to the soil, we have discussed the importance and value of the living soil in our lives with our belief in its power to rebuild itself.

We discussed issues related to our future from environmental sustainability to global warming, from small-scale agriculture to waste-free cuisine. Based on the idea that we cannot limit Heritage to the Future only with soil and that water is an indispensable part of life, we have determined our theme as ‘Heritage to the Future 2: H2O/ Our Fresh and Salt Water Resources.

Why Our H2o Fresh Salt Water Sources?

Climate change, drought, warming of waters and air pollution are destroying the ecosystem. Many species are endangered. Therefore, if we are to leave a world to live on for future generations, what measures can we take urgently to do this? How can we rehabilitate our soil and water resources? We believe that if we do not talk about these today, we will not be able to give the next generations a chance to live like us.


No one doubts that water and water resources are necessary for the survival of all living things, such as the air we breathe. However, the existence of resources is taken as a given and considered to be sustainable.

However, water resources are decreasing day by day, getting polluted and warming up. This radical change affects not only the user, but also the inhabitants and fauna. We need to forget that 1.3 billion people in the world still do not have access to clean, potable water.

This year, İzmir GastroFest aims to draw attention to sustainability and the water resources that we should leave a legacy to the future by discussing and discussing these issues with the experts. The aim is to draw attention to climate change, social brutality towards our seas and water resources.

Let’s not forget that the melting of glaciers with the effect of global temperature increases has begun to affect our country as well. According to UNDP/ United Nations Development Program Reports, nearly 70 lakes larger than the Marmara Sea have dried up in the last 60 years in our country.

Hande Arslanalp

Chairman of the Organizing Committee