Join The Feast For The
Senses At Izmir GastroFest

20 October 2019 - Alsancak Historical Train Station



Welcome to İzmir Gastro Fest !

İn our third year, we are once again bringing together remarkable names from the culinary world and beyond.

We chose this year's theme, Food and Communication, in order to emphasise the power of the sharing of food as a way of understanding one another.

Our aim, as in previous years, was to explore the philosophy as well as the flavours of our own cuisine by gathering together around a table with an international community of chefs, opinion leaders and food enthusiasts.

However, when Covid 19 obliged us to change course and alter all our plans, instead of cancelling our event, we chose to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology.

So this year, we will all be meeting virtually for the wonderful program we already had lined up for you. There'll be presentations by our keynote speakers, demonstrations, conversations with renowned chefs and virtual tastings, with a concert as the finale.

In addition...

*Chefs Şemsa Denizsel, Enrique Limardo, Maksut Aşkar, Deniz Temel, Olia Hercules, Osman Sezener ve Melih Demirel will be posting recipes on the website so you can gather the ingredients for a simultaneous virtual cook-in with the chefs them selves.

*From our website on the day of the festival, order a take-away from specially-selected restaurants. There'll also be prizes as well as menus specially designed for İzmir Gastro Fest.

*Also on the website, shop ahead from our list of wines and cheeses and join international cheese expert Ursula Heinzelmann for a virtual pairing of wine and cheese.

* You'll also find Lalehan Uysal’s stunning photographic exhibition (an on-line first) titled“ For the Wolf, Bird, Bread and Eye”, featuring macrographic seed photographs from Turkey.

Izmir Gasto Fest is free of charge on registration and extends a warm welcome to everyone with an interest in the culinary heritage of Turkey, who loves to travel - virtually if necessary - is curious about global food trends and would like exchange views and join the conversation.

We look forward to welcoming you to İZMİR GASTRO FEST on October 25th !

An international gastronomy festival is held in İzmir for the second time

Our aim is to make Izmir a great tourism destination

with a visionary gastronomy festival that is enriched with a different theme every year.

Hande Arslanalp – GastroFest Regulatory Board. Chairman