Join The Feast For The
Senses At Izmir GastroFest

24 October 2021 - Alsancak Historical Air Gas Factory


Izmir GastroFest 2021 is once again
bringing the globes most acknowledged names together for
the theme of “Future Heritage: Living Soil”

Welcome to İzmir Gastro Fest !

Izmir’s very first gastronomy festival, Izmir GastroFest debuted on Oct 21, 2018 with the
theme of “Migration” aiming to feature and brand Izmir with its strong gastronomic
assets and to make it a top world destination.
The second gathering on October 20, 2019, celebrated the vitality of “Marketplaces” by
transforming Alsancak Historical Train Station into a marketplace and discussed the
importance of sustainable production and conscious consumption.
Last year, adapting to the conditions of Covid and strongly convinced on the power of
food as an extraordinary tool for all routes of communication we chose “Food and
Communication” as our third theme which was held virtually on October 25, 2020….
This year, the 4th İzmir GastroFest will focus on the precious and most vital theme of
”Future Heritage: Living Soil”
Although our soil has been seriously damaged, we're confident of its ability to
renew itself. We want to help ensure that the post-Covid world we create all together
is better than the one we left behind.
We have to concentrate on making serious changes we all realize are necessary...
Join us for an unforgettable day full of energy and hope where we will be discussing
wide ranging issues from small scale farming to zero waste to environmental
sustainability to climate change and beyond...
Let’s celebrate our soil at Izmir GastroFest…

We look forward to welcoming you to İzmir GastroFest on October 24th !

Our aim is to make Izmir a great tourism destination

with a visionary gastronomy festival that is enriched with a different theme every year.

Hande Arslanalp – GastroFest Regulatory Board. Chairman