Izmir GastroFest 2023
‘Changemakers: Future of Food’


Although the fact that climate change, droughts and air pollution are destroying the ecosystem has been voiced by scientists with proof of data and information for many years, the bitter truth is becoming more apparent each day. Few years ago, we were concerned that, future generations wouldn’t have the chance to experience sources of nature as we did… Yet, today, we have come to the point of realising that our very existance is in danger.

We need to come to terms with the severity of the situation and accept that unless urgent measures are taken, the world will become unbearable in many respects, struggling with hunger and thirst. We all believe that access to healthy nutrition and good food is a basic human right which can be achieved through local agriculture and a healthy, equitable, resilient food system.

In this context, Izmir GastroFest 2023 will discuss responsibilities and urgent priorities with pioneers of their fields. Chefs, farmers, producers, activists who have dedicated themselves to make positive changes for a livable, better future. Their inspiring stories will evoke awareness and inspire us to be a part of the solution.

Our aim is to make Izmir a great culturel, culinary destination with a visionary gastronomy festival that is enriched with a different theme every year.

Hande Arslanalp – GastroFest Regulatory Board Chairman