Festival Program




  • Magnificent Seven (M7) Alliance of World’s Best Markets and What it Comprises
  • Past, Present and Future / Merchant and Trade Relations at Marketplaces
  • Marketplaces, National Identity and Food Relation
  • Learn from Marketplaces / Research on Produce, Producer and Consumer Network
  • Powerof Women at the Marketplace
  • Ethical Gastronomy / Organic Food, Markets and Marketing
  • Local, Very Local, Super Local / The Irresistible Charm of Local
  • Sensory / Sights, Sounds, Smells and Tastes at Marketplaces
  • 21st Century / Rise of Marketplaces as Cooking Declines
  • Role of Chefs in Cultural Development of Cuisine / Usage of Local and Seasonal Produce


Side Activities

  • Workshops by Chefs, Traditional and Modemist Cuisine
  • Joint Work and Testing of Foreign and Turkish Chefs
  • Introduction and Sales of Local Products
  • Food Tasting offered by Top Restaurants
  • Street Foods
  • Jazz Concert
  • DJ Performance & After Party



Guest Marketplaces

  • Borough Market – London David Matchett
  • Markthalle Neun – Berlin Bernd Maier veya Florian Neidermeier
  • La Bogueria – Barcelona Oscar Ubide i Marcet
  • Central Market Hall – Budapest Levente Kiss
  • Pike Place Market – Seattle John Turnbull
  • Sydney Fish Market – Sydney Bryan Skepper
  • Oueen Victoria Market – Melbourne Stan Liacos